Can Russia’s Leaders Become Even More Crazy? Yes.

Russian leaders are becoming increasingly unhinged.

Medvedev has threatened “nuclear retaliation” on Europe and the West if Russia returns to its 1991 borders.

In other words, he is saying that if the Russian dictatorship is forced to live within its borders, and stop invading other countries, it’s going to unleash the nukes.

It’s fascinating, but scary, at how afraid Russia’s oligarchy is of freedom and democracy.

At how Russia’s oligarchy can think of nothing but empire.

At how Russia’s oligarchy is still flogging the “Nazis in Ukraine” line, when it was the oligarchy’s fave leader Stalin who signed a pact with Hitler and Nazi Germany.

Do not fall for Russian propaganda. They are experts at it. Have been for centuries.

The oligarchs want to keep their mansions and billions. It’s not politics, it’s lust.

As I’ve said before, look at where people are moving to. I see lots of Russian immigrants, and other former Soviet bloc immigrants in Canada. How many Canadians are clamouring to move to Russia?