Canada Must Wake Up When it Comes to War

I cannot believe the Federal Liberals in Canada are still waffling over ever reaching our NATO committment to 2% of our national budget going to Defence.

Since WWII we’ve steadily deteriorated from leaders to laggards.

In WWI and WWII Canada was respected. Canadian troops were feared by the Axis. Canada punched way above its weight.

We had farmers, trappers, hunters, and First Nations who grew up with rifles, with hunting, with living off the land, and who were deadly in war.

We are now for the most part urban softies who have no clue about the likely impact of wars “far away” that will impact us sooner or later.

Our “leaders” appear to have their collective heads in the sand.

You never win with bullies with appeasement.

We are witnessing bullies on a massive scale with Putin and Xi Jinping.

Good luck. . . or, wake up, eh?