Can There Be a Happy New Year When Russia Wants to Kill?

Happy New Year to all Ukrainian fighters everywhere, in whatever role you may be in.

Putin is a demented aggressor whose actions have resulted in the deaths of over 300,000 of his soldiers in addition to the horrors his forces have inflicted upon Ukraine.

I have been studying history for 50 years, and there is no reason for Russia to invade Ukraine, aside from Putin’s longing for lost empire.

If Putin is really chasing Nazis, as he claims, he should look in the mirror. It was Uncle Joe Stalin, a consumate Russian dictator, who signed a pact with Hitler.

And as for Russian citizens, it’s very difficult for me to wish you a Happy New Year.

At best many of you have behaved like sheep, and at worst you have participated in trash talk dehumanzing Ukrainians.

As for NATO? There is no intent from anyone to invade Russia, and never has been.

It’s all a scam, and always has been, perpetrated by the psychopaths in Russia’s maskirovka agencies. . .