Wildlife at Porteau Cove, Alice Lake, BC

I took an overnight solo camping trip up the Sea to Sky highway the other day. Photographed a bunch of wildlife.

sea lions porteau cove bc
Sea Lions at Porteau Cove. They’ve hanging out there for weeks if not months. . .

barn swallow porteau cove bc
Barn Swallow at Porteau Cove. There were several young looking ones appearing to test the breeze.

brown-headed cowbird portau cove bc
Brown-headed Cowbird at Porteau Cove.

red-breasted sapsucker alice lake bc
Red-breasted Sapsucker at Alice Lake Provincial Park

douglas squirrel alice lake provincial park
Douglas Squirrel at Alice Lake

raven alice lake bc
Raven at Alice Lake. It seemed to follow me about halfway around the lake before heading off. . .

audubon's warbler alice lake bc
I’m thinking Audubon’s Warbler. . . There was a bunch of them flitting about at Alice Lake Provincial Park near Squamish, BC. I took over a hundred shots over the course of an hour to get a few decent ones. . .