Courtenay River Walk in Comox, BC

I was in Comox on Vancouver Island for work, and I got up early for a walk. I’d been to the river and estuary  before as part of my volunteer streamkeeper learning experiences many years ago, and it was great to see it again.

Nice to see the First Nations recognition, and panels on the ongoing habitat restoration efforts.

anna's hummingbird comox bc
This Anna’s Hummingbird greeted me as I left the hotel property and stepped onto the river trail.

courtenay river walk comox bc

common merganser couple comox bc
Common Mergansers

cherry blossoms comox bc

habitat restoration signs courtenay river comox bc

stick bird comox bc

Lake LA-4 plane.
Lake LA-4 plane. The “pusher” configuration caught my eye. . . Online search shows it was manufactured in 1965.

white-crowned sparrow comox bc
White-crowned Sparrow

totem pole comox bc