Remembering Dad, 20 Years On

I realized tonight that tomorrow will be the 20th anniversary of my father’s passing.

I will always be awed by his work ethic and volunteerism.

Doctor, Psychiatrist, born on a homesteading farm in Saskatchewan. There were many obstacles, but he went on to graduate high school in his early 20s and continued to undergrad and grad degees, and med school.


President of the Ukrainian Canadian Congress

President of the Ukrainian World Congress

Perogie boiler/server at community events in Saskatoon 🙂.

Loving son to a mother he phoned every day when he could not visit her in person.

Likely one of the last of the generation of MDs who made house calls. Yes, real house calls. I remember riding shotgun as a kid, eh?

Dad embraced his immigrant and farm roots, honoured them, honoured his parents, his culture, his language, his religion. . .

I think the family best remembers Dad as not the doctor, not the “prez” of this or that, but as the cuddly, cheerful guy with an apron on, cooking, cleaning, providing a sympathetic ear to anyone, with any problem.

Love you, miss you. . .