Three-Hour South Burnaby Ramble

Whew! That was a good walk.

Down Byrne Creek ravine, along Meadow Ave. to where it nearly touches Marine Way, crossed Marine Way and walked to the incinerator, and then along the river to the playground/washroom at the foot of Byrne Road. Then back up the dyke and home to near Edmonds Station.

Here’s some wildlife viewed along the way.

dragpnflies meadow ave burnaby bc
Blue-eyed Darners along the Meadow Ave. ditch

frog meadow ave ditch burnaby bc
I think invasiave American Bullfrog

swallowtail butterfly burnaby bc

beetle burnaby bc
Some sort of Burying Beetle?

millipede byrne creek burnaby bc
Yellow-spotted Millipede

cedar waxwing burnaby bc
Cedar Waxwing

northern flicker burnaby bc
Northern Flicker taking off

white-crowned sparrow burnaby bc
White-crowned Sparrow

bumblebees burnaby bc
Bumblebees loading up. . .

dead mouse burnaby bc
Dead mouse

tug fraser river burnaby bc
Tug on the working river