Metro Vancouver Watershed Tour

We took in a Metro Vancouver watershed tour today. We visited the Capilano Watershed, getting a behind-the-scenes look at where much of our drinking water comes from in the Vancouver/Lower Mainland area of BC.

It was fun and informative — highly recommended. We’d been to the Cleveland Dam several times before, but had not taken the tour into some of the restricted parts of the waterhed.

Also cool to see some signs of early water supply infrastructure still visible though slowly being reclaimed by the forest. . .

Capilano Dam spillway


Masks optional on the bus — most folks were still wearing them

Interesting seeing the forest gradually reclaiming old infrastructure from long ago. Settling ponds, a furnace for thawing frozen filters . . .

Testing the structural integrity of a back-country bridge : – )

metro vancouver capilano watershed tour
Bear calling card

Looks like a Sapsucker was at work?

Rotary traps for moving fish

Nets for moving fish

Bald Eagle in the mist

Another Eagle