Parting With Some Older DSLRs

nikon D300 D7200 for saleA couple of old(er) warhorses ready to be assessed at Broadway Camera in Richmond, BC. The chain is having a trade-in/buy-out event.

Kinda sad to see them go.

After owning several Nikon 35mm cameras starting in the early 1970s, the D300 was my first DSLR, a solid beast of a camera that lasts forever. I bought it in April 2008.

The D7200 also got a lot of use, and I have a AA-battery grip for it that added vertical shooting controls in addition to holding the extra battery power. I shot plenty of events, anniversaries, and a wedding with it over the years. I’m including a well-worn but optically good Nikkor 18-200mm zoom with the D7200.

DSLRs are gradually being phased out. I have a small Nikon Z50 mirrorless that I really like, and will hang on to a Nikon D7500 DSLR for awhile longer. And some day I’d love to get a mirrorless Nikon Z9 — an amazing camera that one of my fave camera review sites calls “a stills/video monster.” 🙂

I usually sell gear through Craig’s List and other similar online venues, but I’m tired of the runnaround. Will get less going to a camera store, but if what they offer me is in the ballpark of what I’d like to get — sold.