Putin is Losing the War He Started, But the Cost. .

It increasingly appears that Putin has lost the war he started. Nothing has gone as he thought it would.

Far from welcoming Russian forces with open arms, Ukrainian men and women have fought back with dedication, tenacity, and furiousness beyond anything he anticipated.

It is clear that Russian forces are not into the fight, abandoning tanks and equipment, and crying on camera when captured.

It is only those who do not see what’s happening on the ground who are still firing cruise missiles, rockets, and long-range artillery.

Thousands of Ukrainian civilians have picked up arms to defend their homeland. More thousands of diaspora Ukrainians are trying to get back to the “old country” to fight.

With bombing and missile attacks on Ukrainian schools and hospitals, even maternity wards, Putin has committed war crimes.

Putin is apparently now taking his frustrations out upon the FSB, the decendants of the KGB where Putin put his psychopathic talents to use in his younger years.

Unfortunately, thousands more will die and be injured in this madman’s quest — for what?

For a renewed empire?

He will lose.