The Tyrants Attack Ukraine

This is going to be bad. Very bad.

The world stood by, the world didn’t believe Putin was willing to start WWIII to reimpose a Russian Empire.

So now what is the West going to do? Declarations and condemnations mean shit.

The tyrants are slavering, Lukashenko is also letting loose his dogs of war upon Ukraine from Belarus, like a small schoolyard bully who throws a punch after the bigger thugs start beating the innocent.

And keep an eye on China, this Russian “distraction” may be the perfect time to swallow Taiwan.

Meanwhile Ukraine and its citizens will fight as long and as strongly as they can.

Remember that Ukrainian partisans simultaneously fought both Nazi and Communist forces during WWII.

Yes, there were Ukrainians who supported Nazis, and there were Ukrainians who supported Communists. But to reiterate, there were Ukrainians who fought both to try to maintain their language, culture and religions.

Ukraine survived hundreds of years of being carved up by various empires, survived the loss of millions in WWI, more millions in the Soviet Russian-imposed Holodomor artificial famine in the 1930s, more millions in WWII. . .

Historians have called Ukraine “The Bloodlands.” I’m not a praying man, but I hope this latest incursion won’t result in the deaths of hundreds or thousands. . .