Dismayed by Western Leaders’ Meek Response to Putin

I’m finding the overall namby-pamby Western response to Putin’s manipulation toward WWIII dismaying.

Have we not learned anything? He’s a bully, and thrives on bullying. Perhaps we need some kindergarten teachers to step in where our political leaders will not.

This is bully behaviour, and needs to be nipped in the bud.

You name the metaphor, inch/mile, whatever.

He’s clearly stated he misses the days of the USSR when millions were killed, or enslaved, or sent to moulder in prison gulags in Sibera — by their own government.

The past he seeks to restore was horrific.

The past he seeks to restore benefited the Russian 0.5% — take your era, be it Tsars and the aristocracy, be it the Soviet leaders and their dachas, be it today’s toadies and corrupt “elite.”