Old Photo of My Uncle Paul

As I come across more old photos, this looks like my Uncle Paul.

As I recall the story, he suddenly collapsed and died during recess in the yard of a one-room schoolhouse in Saskatchewan.

I think it was an undiagnosed heart issue.

There’s another photo that I remember of my paternal grandmother stricken with grief at his funeral as his coffin was carried out of the tiny prairie church.

Such raw pain etched on her usually stoic face . . .

She was one of toughest pioneer women I’ve ever known, dedicated to work, family, and church, and yet so accepting and loving of us all.

I was named after him.

I love that in this photo he is holding books and a trophy, for I have always loved reading, writing, and editing.

uncle paul cipywnyik books trophy

Upgraded Firmware on DSLR Cameras

I just updated the firmware on a couple of my Nikon DSLRs.

I should check for updates more often, for they often incorporate small fixes and feature enhancements like faster focusing, improved metering, better video features, enhanced compatibility with certain lenses, etc.

Sometimes I forget that aside from the mechanical bits, digital cameras are basically computers with imaging sensors.

Byrne Creek Spawner Patrol in Burnaby, BC, Nov. 13, 2021

coho jack byrne creek burnaby bc
A male Coho jack, only 31 cm.


1 live chum about 10m u/s of Meadow Ave. bridge
1 live chum at the flow notch in the spawning channel
5 live chum in the sediment pond
2 live coho in the sediment pond
1 barely alive chum about 20m u/s of the footbridge
1 live chum monument in ravine
1 dead coho, sediment pond, 31cm jack, male, loose milt but lots of it

8 live chum
2 live coho

1 dead coho

Volunteer hours: 6 X 2 = 12