Salmon Spawner Orientation Tours on Byrne Creek in Burnaby, BC

Byrne Creek Streamkeeper volunteers will be leading orientation salmon spawner patrols both this Saturday and this Sunday, Oct. 30/31, starting at 10:00 am at Ron McLean Park.

The weather appears to be shaping up nicely with sun in the forecast both days.

The tours will start from the playground/washroom at Ron McLean Park just south of Rumble St. on Hedley Ave. There’s plenty of parking around there, and Edmonds Skytrain Station is a ten-minute walk to the east.

We will head past the tennis courts, and down the long stairs into the ravine. We will walk the dike past the stoneworks place to the confluence with John Mathews Creek.

Then we’ll backtrack to the spawning habitat and spawning channel at the corner of Byrne and Meadow. Then back up the ravine.

The screenshot shows the area.

Depending on whether or not we see spawners, the tours should take 2 to 3 hours.

We have reports of just one spawner seen so far this year in Byrne Creek, but Yumi and I have seen chum in Stoney Creek in NE Burnaby and Scott Creek in Coquitlam, and hear that chum are back at Kanaka Creek in Maple Ridge, so they are out there! Fingers crossed more will be in Byrne any day now.

Outdoor clothing suitable for the weather and sturdy footwear recommended.

byrne creek spawner patrol map burnaby bc