Visiting Terra Nova Park, Learning Its Awkward History

We visited Terra Nova Park in Richmond, BC, for the first time today.

A beautiful place but some awkward history.

I don’t recall coming across any reference to First Nations at the park, though there is a tish of information on the website.

I also don’t recall coming across any reference to Japanese fishermen/cannery workers on the site, though again, there’s a bit of info on the website about Japanese homes in the area being destroyed when Japanese-Canadians were interned during WWII.

And it is odd that it still retains the name Terra Nova which was bestowed upon it by a few early “settlers from the Maritimes” who got the land in grants around 150 years ago.

Perhaps to them it was “Terra Nova,” but. . .

I’m still mulling all this in my mind, but get the sense that much of the awkwardness is not exactly highlighted.

Perhaps the presentation of that history could finally change in this age where Canadians are deeply rethinking the racism still embedded in our society, be it anti-FN or anti-Asian. . .

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