Deas Island Regional Park

We went to Deas Island Regional Park today, another gem in the Metro Vancouver Regional Parks system. It was our first time there though we’ve visited many Metro parks for decades. Lots of wildlife, too!

When you’re driving through the Massey Tunnel, you’re passing underneath this island.

Some interesting history here. . . John Deas was a “free black tinsmith” who established a cannery in 1873 that for a short time was the “leading producer on the Fraser River.”

deas island regional park

Yumi hanging on to Big Bertha while I adjusted a shoelace.

barn swallow deas island bc
Barn Swallow

bald eagle deas island bc
Bald Eagle

hummingbird deas island bc
Rufous Hummingbird

robin deas island bc
Juvenile Robin

spotted towhee deas island bc
Spotted Towhee

song sparrow deas island bc
Song Sparrow

yellowjacket deas island bc

sand wasp deas island bc
Sand Wasps

great horned owl deas island bc
Great Horned Owl

It was in a swampy area and we couldn’t get around for a better shot.