Taking My Own Advice About Photography

Back in 2014 I wrote six blog posts on what I called “Paul’s Photo Tips.” Today I took my own advice regarding “Tip 2 – Read the Manual.”

I hadn’t looked at the manual for my Nikon D7500 in years, and on this quiet, rainy day, with the cat on my lap, I read its over 300 pages. Much of that information will also apply to my D7200.

It was a valuable exercise, as I was reminded of features and functions that I rarely use, and many of which I’ve never even tried.

I also got refresher on setting up autofocus and metering optimized to the kind of nature and wildlife photography that I mostly do.

And something that I’ve never taken advantage of is setting up the programmable dedicated function buttons to suit the sorts of situations I often shoot in.

Here are links to the six tips:

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Tip 4 – It is the camera

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Tip 6 – Carry extra cards and batteries