One Step Forward, Three Covid Steps Back

As British Columbia health officials announce sweeping new measures to contain Covid, I fear our society is entering a dangerous phase in which Covid deniers and anti-maskers will continue to make life miserable for months to come for the majority of us who have been following the rules.

Covid doesn’t care about your culture, your beliefs, and your religious practices. There is no dispensation.

The beach partiers, the street partiers, the house partiers, for a few hours of “fun” you’ve made life miserable for weeks, or likely months to come, for all of us.

I cannot fathom such selfishness and antisocial behaviour.

I cannot fathom such childish focus on immediate gratification when long-term pain is in the balance.

We almost had it beat, eh?

I don’t know if I’m more angry, or sad.

I’m certainly disappointed.