Covid Fatigue Evident at Deer Lake Park in Burnaby

I had a four-hour photography ramble around and up and down Deer Lake Park in #Burnaby.

In over 20 years of walking the trails there, I have never seen as many people as I have since Covid.

On the one hand, it’s great that people are getting out into this beautiful park, but on the other hand, Covid fatigue has definitely set in, and people are being less mindful than they ought to be.

There were several large groups of over ten people doing the circuit. Unfortunately they were oblivious to other park users. Faster walkers and joggers had to stop and plead with people to give some space. In many stretches the boardwalk and trails are just a bit over a meter wide.

I’d guess that about two-thirds of the “One Direction Only” and “Maintain 2-Meter Spacing” signs had been torn down, with many tossed into the bush, and four or five tossed into the lake.

Too many people are not being Kind or Safe, leading to it becoming more difficult for others to be Calm, eh?