Guilt is No Way to Run a Business

Trying to guilt people is no way to run a business, or any relationship.

I’ve subscribed to a photography list for several years, and over the last year I’ve received at least two, perhaps three messages along the lines of:

“You haven’t clicked on any of the links in my emails. Seems like you really don’t want to hear from me ever again, so ok . . . I won’t send you more emails.. . . ”

I know times are tough and many folks are struggling. But this approach is just, um, I dunno, counterproductive and sad.

And we don’t need more sad these days.

Give me a positive reason to stay on your list, and click on your micro-money-making links. . .

I’m not much of a link-clicker, but if there was an upside to it, rather than a guilt trip to it, I may click now and then. . .

Today I unsubscribed.