Byrne Creek Streamkeepers Storage Vandalized in SE Burnaby

Unfortunately our Byrne Creek Streamkeepers Society storage container in the spawning habitat in Burnaby, BC, was broken into recently.

Aside from a gas-powered pump there was little of resalable value in the container. Just gear that volunteers use for public events, and to count aquatic bugs, trap and ID juvenile fish, and educational materials. We’re making a list of what was taken.

The gate to the habitat was also bashed in, lock still in place but gate broken.

Sigh. I reported to the RCMP and City of #Burnaby. A very nice officer was there within half an hour of my call and we went over the site together. And a City crew installed heavy chains across the entrance gate that had been rammed open.

Now we have to figure out what needs to be replaced so that volunteers can continue their streamkeeping and educational activities.

It’s dispiriting that vandals would do this when maybe they’ll get ten cents on a dollar, or a few hundred bucks, for their break and enter.

Yet our group is likely looking at well over a thousand dollars to replace what was taken. A thousand dollars is our total annual budget, eh?

Yes, we rely 90% on sweat equity in our volunteer work.

I don’t know what’s wrong with some people.

vandalized storage container byrne creek burnaby