Black Bear at Nairn Falls Provincial Park, BC

Black bear at the campground at Nairn Falls Provincial Park south of Pemberton, BC, this morning. We’d just finished our breakfast and were packing up our camping gear when Yumi Kosaka spotted it calmly ambling through the woods scarfing berries.

No worries, these were shot a respectable distance away with the equivalent of a 600mm telephoto.

Then a little girl of around six or seven came by on her wee bicycle, saw us watching the bear, and began to drift in the bear’s direction like a moth to a flame.

“Whoa, sweetie, you stay right here.”

Other adults appeared and began passing the word, and as we drove out we spotted the campground attendant and let her know where the bear was, what direction it was moving in, and that it was happily feeding on natural resources.

black bear nairn falls provincial park bc