Take a Dose of Nature in these Trying Times

Another lovely Byrne Creek ravine walk with my now working-from-home love today. A few more folks than usual out enjoying the trails in the sunshine. I guess more are staying home, but wanting to stretch their legs.

And being properly cautious to give each other a healthy distance when passing on the trails.

If possible, enjoy the outdoors. It’s good not only for the body, but also the mind.

We are animals, physical beings, and we need to move. So many health issues are exacerbated by sedentary habits.

I find great solace in nature. The burbling creek, the wind rustling the trees, the plants of many shapes and sizes and colors budding as spring approaches.

We need to feel the sun on our faces, the breeze in our hair.

The birds and squirrels playing peekaboo, the wee salmon fry popping out of the gravel in the creek.

Frenetic modern life is slowing. That has its ups, and its downs, eh?

I hope that when we’re past this that people can remember the slower, more grounded pace that we can exist at.