Think! Don’t Drink the Koolaid!

I am increasingly troubled by friends and family who are falling into the right-wing and left-wing disinformation worlds.

It’s getting scary.

Friends and family that I’ve known for decades are getting sucked in and spouting shit that a fourth-grader could see vast holes in. . . Be it “right-wing or left-wing. . .”

We have a fragile democracy here in Canada. We have tens of thousands of folks who want to come here because conditions are so crappy in their home countries. Folks who would work their butts off to ensure we have a democracy in Canada because they have experienced totalitarian evil.

China and Russia are both dictatorships. Both have decades of experience and intent in subjugating people, and destabilizing democracies.

Democracies are by nature fragile because they do accept individual thought. That is worth protecting.

People are dying in Hong Kong, people are dying in Ukraine aspiring to democratic freedoms that we take for granted here.

Learn, read, remember. . . Don’t let the bastards get you down.