Sisters Sharing Sunlight

Came up for a breather from my basement office to find new rescue Sora-chan stretched out near her big sister Midori, sharing the sunlight. So cute!

Sora-chan continues to make progress. This is the first time I found her flaked out in the living room, a big move from her usual sleeping place under the bed : – ).

sora midori sunshine

Leading Kids on Tour of Byrne Creek in Burnaby, BC

Every summer the City of Burnaby Parks Department has summer camps for kids at Ron McLean Park in SE Burnaby. For the second year, Byrne Creek Streamkeepers were asked to take the kids on a tour of the creek.

This year I was the leader, and it was a blast. We walked from the park down to the creek, and back, talking about the local fish, wildlife, plants, etc.

Byrne Creek tour summer camp kids

The famous Byrne Creek mini-Grind : – ).