Deer, Moose Near Barkerville and Bowron Lake, BC

While I was camping north of Quesnel (see previous post) I took a leisurely cruise to Barkerville and Bowron Lake Provincial Park, and saw several deer and moose.

Spot the moose!

Zooming in. . .

deer moose barkerville bc
Zooming in more. . .

Oh, yeah, in the interest of public safety, here’s a PSA: I took all these shots from inside my car. Deer can be unpredictable — the ones in these photos actually approached my car as if expecting a handout. They look cute, but they can jump and kick better than most karateka.

As for moose, they are moody and unpredictable. They may ignore you, or you may have 2.5 seconds to play back your life as they charge.