Super Birding Day at Reifel Sanctuary

Yumi and I went to the Reifel Migratory Bird Sanctuary today, and saw tons of birds, including a couple of eagles up close. I left my DSLRs at home, the better to enjoy walking with my lovely wife, but ended up taking 458 photos with my wee Canon 520HS pocket cam!

Male Wood Duck

Male Wood Duck with a couple of females vying for attention

Female Wood Ducks duking it out

The Sandhill Cranes have become very accustomed to people over the last several years.

Crane feather closeup

They can be rather intimidating!

Love those curls!

Chickadees are bold and accustomed to hand feeding

This eagle was on the viewing tower and strangely unafraid of people

It sat there with lots of people coming up and down the tower

Red-Winged Blackbird

This American Coot appeared to be ill

Another bold eagle that allowed people to get within meters of it

Heron in the fading light

More lovely curls


Reifel Bird Sanctuary
The end