Connecting With My Animal Mind

Holly in the snowThere’s a story behind this photo that I posted in an album a few days ago — perception, memory, awareness, and ???

If we watch nature shows, we are often astounded at the abilities of all sorts of animals with brains much smaller than ours to remember food locations, routes and way points, etc.

I took this photo in heavy snowfall/sleet conditions. I was doing a Byrne Creek Ravine loop, my camera swathed in a plastic sleeve, me bundled in fleece and Gore-Tex, my head down as I slogged back up the hill.

I remember suddenly having the thought, “that bush with red berries would make a nice shot covered with snow, and it should be right about here.”

I stopped, raised my hooded head into the wind and snowy rain, and yes, the berries were right there, a few meters to my left.

Wow. We have abilities we are often not aware of. My subliminal mind knew exactly where I was.