Byrne Creek Fish Trapping Sept. 2016

Volunteers with the Byrne Creek Streamkeepers Society have been trapping fish in Byrne Creek in SE Burnaby, BC, for over a decade to determine species presence, and gain some sense of size and numbers. Rob and I set the traps yesterday and retrieved them today.

NOTE: Streamkeepers have permission from the Department of Fisheries and Oceans to carry out these surveys, and have training from the Pacific Streamkeepers Federation.

All fish are released unharmed.


~ T515 U/S Southridge culvert (lower end of ravine)
2 X 9cm cuts
1 X 11cm cut
1 X 13 cm cut

~ T519 Near monument

~ T521 Stair bottom

~ T523 Trail Crossing
1 X 12cm cut
1 X 14cm cut

~ T524 Burnt stump

~ T530 Hedley outfall
2 X 12cm cuts
1 X 14cm cut

~ T533 Hell Hole
1 X 8cm cut

~ T539 d/s of Griffiths Pond
1 X 12cm cut
1 X 16cm cut

About three of today’s cuts had a fairly prominent pinkish lateral line area — cutbows?

Grand total 12 small cuthroat

Unfortunately no coho.

Bait used was cat food.

Volunteer hours: 2 X 2.25 = 4.5