Richmond Raptor Festival

There were lots of photographers at the Richmond Raptor Festival today. No wonder, it was a great opportunity to get some cool photos.

Spectacled Owl
A spectacular Spectacled Owl.

Even the bee was going in for a closer look : -).

Falcon and trainer


Falcon in flight
Falcon in flight — damn they’re fast!

Turkey Vulture
Closest I’ve ever been to a Turkey Vulture

Life is Rough, Eh? Meow…

Life is rough. Here it is, 8:45 on Sunday morning and I’m exhausted.

Finally got the humans up, ordered a bit of soft food and a wee bowl of diluted juice from a can of water-packed tuna on the side, had a group cuddle while they nursed their first coffees…

And I still have the whole day ahead…. I think I’ll have a snooze.

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