Byrne Creek Runs Milky Day After Fish Release

I was shocked to see Byrne Creek running a milky gray-green the day after volunteer streamkeepers and local schoolchildren released several thousand coho smolts (yearlings) into the creek.

I called the City of Burnaby, and neither City staff nor I saw any dead or distressed fish, but folks, please remember that NOTHING is to go down street drains other than rain.

We missed a bullet today!

byrne creek pollution
Griffiths’ Pond near Edmonds Skytrain Station

Coho Smolt Release on Byrne Creek in SE Burnaby, BC

Kids from Glenwood Elementary, volunteers from the Byrne Creek Streamkeepers Society, and DFO Community Advisor Maurice Coulter-Boisvert released coho smolts in Byrne Creek in SE Burnaby this morning. Great to have help from City of Burnaby staff, too!

A few shots of the fun:

DFO CA Maurice

Talking salmon life cycle

Netting smolts in the transport tank

City of Burnaby staff help fill baggies of fish for the kids

Handing out baggies of fish


Streamkeeper volunteers supervise releases



A lovely coho smolt




After the kids had to leave to get back to school, we released the rest of the salmon in the artificial spawning channel

Byrne Creek coho smolt release

Never Work for Free

Cleaning my office today I ran across some words of wisdom posted to the Society of Writers, Editors, and Translators (Japan) mail list back in 1996 by Fred Uleman, quoting “Hugh Gigante of MktgMavens”:

1. I never work free of charge
2. I never work cheap
3. I charge more than others because I am better than them
4. I never get paid based on performance, only deliverables
5. I define deliverables
6. I always have more of the client’s money than he has of my time
7. Rates go up every six months
8. People who want work free or on spec must first show that they are working on the same basis, and are a legal charity
9. Every client can be fired, any day
10. Repeat number 1.