Lusting for a Nikon D500

I’m in lust for a new Nikon D500 DSLR.  Based on specs this would be an amazing wildlife camera. Huge usable ISOs, blazing motor drive, prescient focus and exposure systems…

I think it may be time to sell some older Nikon gear, and sign up for the latest and greatest.

I think I’ll keep my aging D300, not much money to be made from that, and it’s still a solid camera. I use it with some of my ancient all-manual Nikkor lenses. And it was my first DSLR, so there are the emotional ties. (Just like I’m hanging on to my film Nikon F2 though I haven’t shot film in over a decade… Memories : -)

I think the one to go is the mid-range D5200. It’s served me well for a couple of years, but it doesn’t cut the pro mustard in usability. It has great resolution for its price class, but it’s not an action camera. Too much stuff is buried in menus that semi-pro and pro models have more to hand with extra buttons. I hate having to click through screen menus when I want to change something quickly in the field.

Bonus? If I’m reading specs right, a D500 would use the same batteries as my D7100 and D7200. Wow!