Burnaby Fraser Foreshore Park Birding

I enjoyed a birding tour in Fraser Foreshore Park in SE Burnaby, BC, this morning, led by George Clulow. I’ve taken a number of tours with George, who has a wealth of knowledge. The tour was part of a series organized by Burnaby Parks.

Burnaby Fraser Foreshore Park
The mighty Fraser’s north arm as viewed from Fraser Foreshore Park

happy Paul
Selfie at the start of the tour

sandhill cranes in flight
One of the highlights was hearing and spotting several sandhill cranes in flight

George answers lots of questions!

Burnaby Fraser Foreshore Park viewpoint
Checking out the viewpoint east of Byrne Rd.

Burnaby Fraser Foreshore clouds

Fraser River reflections

beaver burnaby fraser foreshore park
It was fun to see a beaver!

It was a good morning, and George always emails a list of all the birds seen or heard.