Bounty of Birds at Reifel Sanctuary in Delta, BC

Yumi and I wandered the Reifel Migratory Bird Sanctuary in Delta, BC, for hours today. Tired, but happy with the number of species spotted and successfully “shot”.

red-winged blackbird

red-winged blackbird
Male red-winged blackbirds were putting on a show

american coot
American Coot

bald eagle
Juvenile baldy?

Why not take the biggest one?

great blue heron
Great Blue Heron in flight

great blue heron
Gone fishin’

great gblue heron
Standing pretty

lesser scaup
Lesser Scaup

northern pintail
Northern Pintail

northern harrier
Northern Harrier

northern shoveler
Northern Shoveler

ring-necked duck
Ring-Necked Duck

sandhill crane
Sandhill Crane

sandhill crane

sandhill crane

sandhill crane
Taking cough syrup?

sandhill crane
Having a scratch

saw-whet owl
Saw-Whet Owl

American Wigeon

wood duck
Wood Duck

spotted towhee
Spotted Towhee

spotted towhee
Tom Cruise ain’t got nothin’ on me!