Fruitful Spawner Patrol on Byrne Creek in Burnaby

Volunteer streamkeepers had a good spawner patrol on Byrne Creek in Burnaby, BC, today.

We saw 19 live chum, and processed 7 dead ones — one male and six spawned females. Yay!

Also saw two fish that were likely coho, one large, one perhaps a jack, both very shy and hiding under snags.

The photo shows three fish found in close proximity to each other. One male and two spawned females. Had to guesstimate a length for the bottom one, as some critter had been having a feast.

byrne creek chum salmon

chum swimming up Byrne Creek
As we were observing a pair spawning, another chum swam right past me!

pair of chum on redd
A pair of chum on a redd (nest). Shot from Meadow Ave. bridge.

NOTE: Streamkeepers have permission from Fisheries and Oceans to count spawning salmon, and to process carcasses to collect data on size, species, sex, etc. Please observe spawning salmon from a reasonable distance and do not harass them.

chum in motion
Chum in motion.