Closure of Church that Ancestors Built is Saddening

I’m not very religious, but it saddens me that the Ukrainian Orthodox Church out on the farm in Saskatchewan is shutting down. No more regular services — there hasn’t been a regular schedule for some time.

Donations the last few years have been going to the graveyard maintenance fund.

You’ll find several of my ancestors there, great grandparents that I never knew, grandparents that I loved and who loved me, an uncle Paul who died as a teenager whom I never knew, but who carries on in me, Paul…

I hear there will still be an annual blessing of the graves, and an occasional service, perhaps near Easter, or another key church calendar event.

I know this has been happening for decades all over the Canadian prairies.

Once-vibrant communities with a family on every quarter-section are steadily distilled into massive corporate farm-holding operations that only survive through scale of farming many square miles….

What I find really amazing is that this cycle took just a single century. “Breaking” the land and settling in the 1910s and 1920s, and now many families gone a hundred years later. Wow.