OS Numbnuts Need to Take a Break

Earlier tonight I posted in an international editors’ forum about some software I was considering buying. To be clear, the question was about an application, not about operating systems.

I mentioned that I have both Windows and Mac machines, because there are similar apps for both, though in this case I was looking for Windows apps.

One would think that other editors, being literate, professional wordsmiths, would read this and understand it.

No. Of course not.

The first reply (and the only one after several hours) was from someone touting Windows as the ultimate development platform, and by relation, trashing Macs.

Thanks, you just behaved like an idiot, and scared other folks away from the thread. We’ve been there and seen it done so many times. When the  first bozo comment appears, we don’t waste our time on the thread any more.

So why am I wasting time on this blog post? I guess I’m still pissed off at this antisocial behaviour.

Why? Why? Why do adults succumb to such stupidity?

Some of us like Windows. Some of us like Macs. Some of us use Linux. I have machines running all three.


Chest Wader Fashion Shoot

I got these new rubber/PVC chest waders for 50% off at Canadian Tire recently. Thought I’d show them off :-).

chest waders

chest waders
Work it! That’s it! Hold the smile!

I have a set of fancy Browning chest and hip waders (bought at blowout prices at Surplus Herbies)  that have “stocking” feet that require separate boots. I have felt-soled boots for them, but sometimes a simple one-piece rubber outfit is better for muddy in-stream streamkeeping work.