Working So Hard I Overheated! ;-)

Too many things on the go! About half an hour ago a guy from the gas company knocked on the door to say that they had replaced the gas meter (we’d gotten notice a few weeks ago this would happen). He said he’d like to come in and relight the furnace, the water heater, and any other gas appliances.

We keep the house at 18C in the daytime in our mild winters here, so I hadn’t even noticed that the furnace was off.

As part of the relighting he asked me to jack the thermostat way up so that the furnace would kick in.

He left, I got back to work… And mindlessly took my sweatshirt off and continued working in just a T-shirt. And awhile later I was getting more irritated by how bloody hot it was…

And it still took another ten minutes for it to sink in that I’d left the thermostat at 26C!

OK, furnace is off, back to work.