Thanks, Anonymous Grandad

Was on Skytrain today coming home from a meeting, and at one station a little girl and her mom were dashing for the doors when a mini-tragedy struck. The girl made it onto the train, and mom didn’t.

The giggling girl turned around, saw mom beyond the closed doors, and burst into tears as the train pulled away.

A grandfatherly looking gentleman immediately stood up, went to the girl and said “It’s OK, I’ll get off at the next station with you, and your mom will catch up.”

I had two thoughts: admiration at the quick response, followed, unfortunately, by “even grandfatherly types….”

So I unobtrusively got off with them. I don’t think the gentleman even noticed that I was following.  There was a Skytrain security guy nearby, and “grandad” walked the girl over, and jumped back on the train.

The next train mom arrived, and I left. Thank you “grandad” and Skytrain guy!