UPS Strikes Again

Here’s an email that I just wrote to Pono Music:

I really wish you wouldn’t use UPS.

I just received a notice from UPS that I will be charged a C$71.80 “brokerage fee” to receive my Pono Player. That’s outrageous considering there is supposedly free trade between the US and Canada.

I have never been charged brokerage fees for orders from the US by FedEx or USPS.

I strongly recommend that for shipments to Canada you do NOT use UPS.

Disappointed that my Pono will cost me an extra $70.

Sigh. It seems I often have trouble with UPS. No point in arguing with the poor guys who deliver, they have no explanation and can’t speak for the company.

I have actually not ordered some items when UPS was the only shipping choice. I’m sorry retailers, but jeez UPS what gives?

UPDATE: Pono has responded, stating “it’s your country’s tax laws.”