Slow-Charging Samsung? Swap Cables

My Samsung S3 has been charging extremely slowly for awhile now. I can leave it plugged in overnight, and it will show only a 40-45% charge in the morning.

And I replaced the battery recently.

Searching online shows that many folks have resolved this by using a different USB cable — apparently the phone can sense if there’s any problem with a cable and will draw less if it thinks a cable is damaged.

If that doesn’t solve the problem, others say to try a new charger. I’ve got lots of USB chargers and cables around, so will try the different cable solution first, and if that doesn’t do anything, try a different charger.

UPDATE: An hour after I began writing this post, and, er, obviously before I posted it — my phone is apparently fully charged. The different cable, on first blush, appears to have solved the issue.

Burnaby Unveils Refurbished Citizens’ Plaza

I attended the “Official Dedication and Unveiling of the New Commemorative Paving Stones at Citizen’s Plaza” at Burnaby City Hall today.

It was a lovely, sunny, autumn day, with a congenial crowd of local volunteers, City staff, and politicians. In addition to the unveiling of redone commemorative paving stones (they’d faded over the years), the event was also an opportunity to recognize several Burnaby Citizen of the Year Kushiro Cup award recipients, inductees to the Burnaby Business Hall of Fame, and the Burnaby Sports Hall of Fame. These awards had been presented at previous events, but it was nice for recipients to get another round of public appreciation.

The event was combined with an Open House at City Hall, and many City departments had displays.

Burnaby Citizens' Plaza
People checking out commemorative paving stones

Burnaby Aft Gallery display
Burnaby Art Gallery booth

Sheep eco-sculpture
Burnaby has an ongoing eco-sculpture program. There were several sheep on display in readiness to be planted for the upcoming Year of the Ram (Sheep)

Burnaby Fire Department
Burnaby Fire Department presence

Burnaby RCMP booth
Burnaby RCMP booth

Burnaby volunteer monument
Monument in City Hall garden commemorating volunteers

Byrne Creek Streamkeepers founders paving stones
Paving stones commemorating the four founding members of the Byrne Creek Streamkeepers