Slowing Down New Mouse

I got a new Microsoft Wireless Mobile 4000 mouse today. It was on sale at NCIX for $19.99, down from $34.99. I had an old USB mouse plugged into my Windows 8.1 box, but the cable was short in relation to the somewhat awkward placement of the tower.

The new wireless mouse alleviates that problem — I can put it anywhere on my computer desk, or side desks. And despite the “mobile” moniker, it’s about halfway in size between a typical desktop mouse and a portable laptop mouse.

I like the size, because with my moderately large hands, I can cup the mouse so that my wrist, thumb and two smallest fingers actually rest on the desk. Feels nice and solid, and hopefully proactive against potential carpal issues.

The only problem that I had was that the mouse pointer was zipping around like a squirrel on speed hiding nuts when there was hint of frost in the air. So I delved into the Control Panel, and sure enough there was a mouse pointer speed adjustment. I cranked it down several notches, and now I feel like I’m back in control.

UPDATE later today: I’ve also discovered that this mouse is sensitive to the mousepad, which in my case is one that has a bunch of little photos printed onto it. If I move the mouse to a solid-colored surface, it’s much less jumpy.